i'm not feeling very poetic today

17 June
she said...

5 June
these times they are a-changin....

5 April
you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat

8 March
everything i do is a mistake

4 March
i've got my things, i'm good to go

1 March
when people whisper it makes her nervous.

14 February
your good intentions count for little anymore

4 January
sleep away the afternoon

31 October
i just want another chance to live

05 October
please speak slowly, my heart is learning

27 September
it wouldn't have worked out anyway

22 September
being strong means being heartless.

15 September
is patience still waiting?

4 September
so count the days till you give in

21 August
40 years go by with someone laying in your bed

14 August
now you're gone, and it's forever

08 August
you promised, you said it, you're done.

28 July
you shook me all night long

21 June
it was nice waking up next to you

12 June
i am hanging on every word you say

6 June
here's the thing, we started out friends

29 April
it's beautiful missing something that much

25 April
you learn to love the price you pay

14 April
i can't tell you from the drugs

11 April
what do i do?

9 April
comfort & joy

18 March
i won't always love these selfish things

8 March
there's no perfect ending

4 March
if i could sleep forever, i could forget about everything

24 February
i wont always live in my regrets

19 February
the stars are coming out in waves

12 February
are you trying to wake me up?

6 February
that girl doesn't live here anymore

3 February
i'm feelin so alone...i can't believe

1 February
all i wanna do is look at you and know i'm okay

30 January
is it over now?

25 January
pull the trigger and the nightmare stops.

18 January
but i can't tell you from the drugs.

15 January
it seems so out of context

15 January
i love the way you make it sound

12 January
the memory remains

7 January
not that much to see, so much to say


3 November
don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone

1 November
i don't like the drugs but the drugs like me

27 October
once again i'm on this floor

25 October
there's no antidote for irony

23 October
i can't go home, cause you're my home

19 October
the 11th hour

13 October
i leave you with sentimental photographs

11 October
i can't

9 October
how do i release this?

8 October
the past i hold inside

4 October
it's compromise that moves us along

2 October
how can you say i go about things the wrong way

25 September
i'm dressed, fed, and high.

21 September
it's either love or hate, i can't find inbetween

20 September
silence for the next disaster

14 September
some things you can't erase

11 September
something's always at stake

10 September
it's not always rainbows and butterflies

4 September
just because i do

1 September
another lonely day

29 August
how am i different

27 August
the worst is over, you can have the best of me

22 August
i need a beer to wash it all away

20 August
i've got a really weak heart

19 August
take me home country roads

14 August
so much for love

12 August
use me more i like it

7 August
living is easy with your eyes closed

6 August
it's my life

5 August
forgive me one more time

31 July
maybe you'll save my life

29 July
my life is sort of out of control

26 July
don't i look good enough for you?

22 July
the government calls to test me when i pee

11 July
hold on to sixteen as long as you can

2 July
here's to all our vice

25 June
the loss of friends you didn't have

23 June
i fell into you and now you're gracefully falling away

17 June
i'm too alone to be proud

8 June
if i fall you're going down with me

27 May
first comes heavy breathing

25 May
she has no idea what she's doing in college.

20 May
it all falls down

16 May
a reason to start over new

10 May
i'm drowning in my miseries, it solves everything

6 May
here's to us fools that have no meaning

4 May
please speak slowly, my heart is learning

1 May
i love animal crackers

30 April
in a few weeks

25 April
my aching heart would bleed

21 April
i always seem to want what i can't have

18 April 2004
fuck & run

16 April
i just live for my tomorrow.

14 April
i was born and bled for you to hold

12 April
the only voice i want to hear is yours

10 April
if you don't like my fire, then don't come around.

7 April
you just don't seem to have as much to lose

1 April
so you broke down tryin to leave town

31 March
you leave me no room to bleed

27 March
wondering what i've done wrong

25 March
i scream your name at the sky

24 March
i dare you to forget those marks you left across my neck

21 March
this fight is not worth fighting

12 March
good lovers make great enemies

9 March
you can't always fix what you break

8 March
i want a lover i don't have to love.

6 March
i need some meaning i can memorize.

2 March
making love into memories

29 February
is this really living?

27 February
where do i start, where do i begin?

23 February
it's funny how things work out

22 February
i'm miss world

20 February
it's forever

16 February
will you be my valentine?

11 February
where do i go from here?

7 February
there's just too much that time cannot erase

5 February
and all those times i said i love you, those weren't lies

1 February
you never see the lonely me at all

30 January
the circle never breaks.

28 January
did you know you used to be my hero?

26 January
i don't know, this somehow saved me

24 January

19 January
i will have you to blame

18 January
wasting the best years of my life

16 January
if you dont risk anything you risk even more

13 January
i can feel the sun burning through me

11 January
i'm just roaming for the moment

9 January
it's 3am and i wanna go to bed

6 January
you're a moron

6 January
i will not go down with this ship

5 January
this life is too short to live it just for you.

3 January
you still have all of me

2 January
i haven't really ever found a place that i call home

27 December
all alone is all we are.

22 December
i wish that you would just leave

21 December
all i want are vows of silence

17 December
i think i have the right to grow

12 December
there's no reason to come home

9 December
a simple kind of life

7 December
it's one of my faults that i can't quell my past

3 December
roll the windows down, this cool night is curious

29 November
like a plane crash that never hits the ground

26 November
never is a promise & you can't afford to lie

24 November
and she swears that nothings wrong

20 November
my my, how can i resist you?

19 November
there was a time when life caught you by surprise

12 November
i wanna be everything except for your mistake

12 November
take me home so i won't remember

8 November
let that be enough

4 November
take me as i am, i'm not broken.

4 November
what did you expect?

3 November
can i get my money back?

27 October
i'll be the one mistake you carry forever

23 October
it's been a year now, and it's clear now

19 October
i am so much better than i used to be

15 October
how could anyone ever fight this?

14 October
Take my thoughts for what they're worth

8 October
where is my mind?

3 October
am i just reacting all the time?

2 October
well, it's alright. everything will work out fine.

28 September
you know what it's like

27 September
let's toast the night away to friends, and forget about tomorrow

19 September
no sign of emotion

18 September
sometimes we just have to let some things go

15 September
who can decide what they dream?

11 September
you have every right to be this appalled with me, join the club

9 September
there is no pride in seconds lost

4 September
dear i forgot your name again

3 September
all the things you've seens slowly fade away

28 August
i'm pushing through your tidal waves so i can breathe

21 August
in one night you made me your own

19 August
i'm making myself believe in you

17 August
just between you and me

9 August
maybe i'm a fatalist

7 August
it's all coming back to me

4 August
will we burn in heaven like we do down here?

2 August
i'm like so what i'm drunk


31 July
living my life isn't hard enough

30 July
count your blessings

27 July
i'm human and i need to be loved

21 July
how many times can you say goodbye?

18 July
does it comfort you to know you fought the good fight?

17 July
i think i've waited long enough

14 July
will you take me as i am, strung out on another man?

10 July
if we never meet again, it would be too soon

6 July
i'm all bloodied up

4 July
when you wake up i'll be gone

2 July
when it rings will you answer?

29 June
you don't know how hard i've tried to let it go

25 June
when eye meets eye, be calm

23 June
if i could make something of this, why wouldn't i?

22 June
it's a classic case of 'i don't know where it went'

19 June
i never lost control

17 June
try as i may i try in vain

15 June
one more week and i'll be gone

10 June
i'll sing till i run out of breath

6 June
december was a long year

5 June
be still, child

3 June
dying is strange and hard

2 June
feel your mouth on mine, you're saving me

30 May
you never know what could come along

27 May
i'm gonna close my body off

25 May
no peaceful sleep tonight

23 May
i sing & drink & sleep on floors

20 May
why'd you have to go & make things so complicated?

18 May
never had a drink that i didn't like

17 May

15 May
it's right now, it's always

14 May
if i'm so wrong and you're so right

12 May
may you find some comfort here


7 May
time so slowly turns

6 May
maybe she knows something i don't

3 May
she must be tired of life

1 May
weep not for the memories

28 April
there are only two of us now

27 April
will you take me as i am?

24 April
i can't be alone, so don't you dare leave me

24 April
i know it can't hurt more than it already does

24 April
she drank so hard the bottle ached

21 April
i was lost at sea, & you let me drown

20 April
if i told you this was killing me, would you stop?

20 April
i layed there for days & you forgot