Name: amanda

Middle Name: mary

NickName: manda, manca, mulatto bitch, panda

Age: twenty

Sex: chica

Location: morgantown, west virginia (originally from annapolis, maryland)

School: i used to go to west virginia university. now i'm a college drop out.

DOB: december 27, 1984

Zodiac Sign: capricorn

Nationality: german, italian, welsh, native american (cherokee)

Hair Color: black & light brown.

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 5`7

Piercings: 2 holes in cartilage, & tongue

Tats: a pink tribal star on the inside of each ankle, two koi fish swimming in a circle on my back (my friendship tattoo with sharon. just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl)

Fashion: i'm not fashionable. i'm too poor to be fashionable. i wear jeans. and hoodies. and zip up 80's lookin track jackets.

Idol: janis joplin

Siblings: one full brother; chip (22). half-brother; steven (32). half-sister; kim (35).

Favs & Random Stuff:

Color: pink & black. gothic pink if you will.

TV Show: that 70`s show, sex & the city, law & order.

Movie: empire records, pirates of the caribbean, the butterfly effect, napoleon dynamite.

Food: bread, sushi, frozen yogurt, d.p. dough.

Restaurant: olive garden, joss, double t, eat 'n park.

Fast-Food: chick-fil-a

Cereal: those quaker square things

Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip & chubby hubby. and oh man, that girl scout cookie ice cream *drool*

Candy: peachy rings & almond snickers

Gum: mentos. it's not gum, but i like it.

Actor(s): johnny depp.

Actress(s): ?

Famous Guy(s): evan seinfeld (lead singer of biohazard).

Famous Chic(s): amy lee, tori amos.

Do you do drugs? yes. most every day.

Do you drink? indeed. mainly on the weekends.

Do you believe in love? yeh, i do.

Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? nope. i gave up.

Do you believe in love at first sight? no, i don't. cause that would mean that love was based solely on physical attraction.

Are you a virgin? no.


Bands: straylight run, the postal service, alkaline trio, OAR, armor for sleep, blindside, chemical brothers, story of the year, coheed & cambria, count the stars, good charlotte, green day, bad religion, jimmy eat world, juliana theory, jump little children, system of a down, sublime, last days of april, brandtson, the living end, new found glory, the new amsterdams, phish, the pixies, counting crows, placebo, pink floyd, rancid, something corporate, rainer maria, the rocking horse winner, sister hazel, staind, tonic, the get up kids, the smiths, the starting line, white octave, unwritten law, saves the day, weeping tile, mewithoutyou, .

Singers: tori amos, aimee mann, ben lee, rosie thomas, sarah harmer, vienna teng, joni mitchell, janis joplin, ben harper, bob dylan, fiona apple, dido, beth orton, dar williams, matt skiba, melissa ferrick, cat stevens.

Likes: my friends, menthol cigarettes, snow, vodka, grilled cheese, the weekends, chapstick, chick singers, fruit punch, bars & clubs, eyeliner, kissing, captain morgan, pandas, tattoos & piercings, boys (sometimes), stars, laying in bed, hoodies, watching sex & the city with my girls, dp dough, japanese artwork, writing, handbags, shot glasses, marijuana, whore red nailpolish, my nephews, wine, law & order, drugs, poker.

DisLikes: dining hall food, extreme cold, maryland, working, jerks, mexican food, my old roommate, feeling low, medication, people who just don't get it, falling, gin, john mayer, bills, math, trying to park downtown, boys.

Hobbies: writing, reading.

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